The world needs the calm

The world doesn’t need your hatred, your offense and the terror. It needs art, it needs the calm, it needs us to accept the way others are. We can be that way, maybe by sharing some worthy words to others or maybe just by sitting next to someone to make them feel they aren’t alone. I think this is the least we can and should do here.

s. h. kazmi



I can write you 

Anything about love

About you

But I don’t know

How to explain

My curiosity

Infront of you

It’s something

I thought about 

Years and years

And couldn’t find

Any answer

Maybe I could

Never tell you 

About this

I do love you

But These scars

The damned scars

They wanna remain

Inside me

They and me, only

Not anyone else

Not even you

I hope you understand

Perhaps you don’t

But I just

Can’t do anything

My love


  s. h. kazmi