I can write you 

Anything about love

About you

But I don’t know

How to explain

My curiosity

Infront of you

It’s something

I thought about 

Years and years

And couldn’t find

Any answer

Maybe I could

Never tell you 

About this

I do love you

But These scars

The damned scars

They wanna remain

Inside me

They and me, only

Not anyone else

Not even you

I hope you understand

Perhaps you don’t

But I just

Can’t do anything

My love


  s. h. kazmi


She taught me how to love, a thousand different ways and yet feel thirsty for it every single moment. One way or another, she was different, from every single person I met in my life. She had her own curiosity that kept me furious. She gave me a sight, to look into this world from a whole new percepective.  I remember, she poured Love into my heart. And I remember, she brought my soul at peace.

s. h. kazmi

Years of Love.

And all this time that we’ve been through, things changed, time changed, and my life got me where I couldn’t even imagine to be. But all that didn’t change was the feeling to love and to be loved by you. And I want you to know that I’ll be there for you forever, even if someday we wouldn’t be the same anymore, I’ll be there for you and I will still love you.
  s. h. kazmi